New EP: Oubliette
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Tracks: Away, Away, Away | How Did We Survive? | Steel Wires | Constellating


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The Body copy album cover
The Body Copy

Release Date: June 2023

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Grade School Matinee album cover
Grade School Matinee

Release Date: June 2022

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Album 3 Cover
The Muse (chrismakesound remix)

Release Date: October 2021

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Album 3 Cover
Battle Royale + The Beast Had Horns

Release Date: August 2021

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Album 2 Cover
Sleep So Deep

Release Date: June 2021

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Album 3 Cover
Towne and Country

Release Date: December 2020

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Album 3 Cover
Make Up Your Mind

Release Date: November 2020

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We Were Kids

Everything That Could Went Wrong

The Ghost


Pandemic reunites 2000s-era Victoria rock band The Origin

Published on:

After a hiatus of more than a decade, the members of the Victoria-based rock band The Origin have decided to reunite, inspired by the challenges and emotions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full story on Vic News.

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